Challney High School for Girls

We are an inclusive, ambitious and diverse community where everyone is expected to get involved, work hard and enjoy themselves. We believe in motivating our students by providing them with the best learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our ethos is summarised by our shared passionate belief that there is ‘no ceiling on potential’ and we are committed to developing our students to become rigorous, rounded and grounded with not only skills and knowledge, but also the key behaviours and attitudes that provide personal resilience. We aim to instil in our students values of caring, compassion and kindness. The girls are encouraged to develop a strong sense of moral integrity and responsibility to those less fortunate and they are very active throughout the year fundraising for charities selected by the student council.


Headteacher: Mrs. S.C. Havard
Please contact: Mrs. S,Smith

Tel: 01582 571427