Our Ethos

The Shared Learning Trust expects exemplary conduct by every student.

In return students will be supported, monitored and encouraged to pursue their aspirations. We offer a wide range of enrichment activities and extra curriculum initiatives. The experience will be challenging, rewarding and memorable. Students enjoy their time here and also give back to the wider local community. They are role models and young leaders, who contribute to the collegiate ethos with a mature and dedicated approach to A-Level study.

Our Vision

Our vision is based around three core principals Strive, Achieve and Believe! This is very much in the heart of everything we do as a result our students are articulate, hard-working and well-rounded individuals who achieve highly and enjoy their educational journey.

The Shared Learning Trust’s ensures high quality exam results, as well as providing additional opportunities and experiences for students. It will prepare students for the next step, through the excellent teaching and tutoring of our highly qualified and experienced staff.

Our Trust is vibrant and friendly, supported by 3 state-of-the-art buildings. It is a learning environment where all students have the opportunity to be high achievers, make good friends, contribute to their community and take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

By choosing The Shared Learning Trust you will benefit from the support of extremely committed teachers with professional expertise. We provide the correct balance between pressure and support for each individual, to ensure you leave with qualify cations and experiences that will place you very well for your future career.

We hold a pivotal position in delivering a world class education for students within our local community.

Together we are achieving more than we ever thought possible.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Shared Learning Trust.

our Executive team


'We recruit people for attitude and train for skills'


We aim to recruit outstanding people. We would rather make no appointment than appoint someone who is not suited to our ethos. For this reason we try to articulate clearly our vision, values and expectations when putting together information for applicants and we always give a lot of attention to appointing the right person.

We aim to recruit staff who:

  • are excited by their role and by the prospect of working with young people, even those who are less well motivated;
  • love the processes of learning and teaching and are keen to continually develop their own skills;
  • recognise that teaching can be a demanding job but react positively to those demands rather than complaining;
  • will subscribe to the ethos of the Trust and ‘go the extra mile’ in terms of time and commitment to get the very best from our young people;
  • see break duty as an opportunity to talk to children;
  • are quick to praise and slow to criticise; and
  • are not afraid to admit to seeing themselves as potential leaders of the future.

Our Schools

The Stockwood Park Academy

The Chalk Hills Academy

The Vale Academy

The Linden Academy

The Sixth Form


I am conscious that this may be your first contact with our Academy Trust and first impressions are very important.  I hope you will access or website and that what you read, coupled with anything else you discover about us, inspires you to apply for a post.