Part of The Shared Learning Trust, a family of schools in Bedfordshire

About The Vale Academy

We provide a healthy, safe and caring environment, with excellent teaching and learning and a focus on exceptional student behaviour and attainment. We have high expectations of all our pupils, who are nurtured in this positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere.   

Our classrooms are large and spacious while being equipped with the latest ICT learning aids including interactive whiteboards and digital projectors. 

Our vision is to help all of our children develop lively, enquiring minds through teaching in small class sizes, a tailored approach to learning and an emphasis on life skills, including the importance of courtesy and respect. 

Our promise is ‘to provide the stepping stones that nurture, develop and inspire every child’s journey’. 

As part of The Shared Learning Trust, our students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, numerous extra-curricular activities and a seamless progression to the wider Trust all-through educational model in addition to our own eight-acre site for outdoor learning. 

In the last 12 months we have had over 350 pupils join us in our Primary Year groups. Our numbers are growing because The Vale Academy is increasingly becoming the school of choice for local families. We know that the best publicity for a school is word of mouth and what is now being said about us by parents at the school gates, by members of the local community, and by the press is overwhelmingly positive.

The academic standards achieved by our pupils over the past three years are continually improving. Our results in Reception, Year 1 phonics and year 2 were excellent and way above the national average. As someone once said, the road to school improvement is always under construction. We are working on that road. Staff are highly ambitious for pupils and are continually striving to produce an outstanding experience for pupils.

Schools are never mere locations: they are cultures, and the culture here has changed..

Although our numbers are increasing we remain committed to maintain small classes. This means that we are able to provide pupils with a personalised curriculum to match their individual needs.

Our pupils have the opportunity to learn with a lively and dynamic team of staff who collectively make a major contribution to the culture of the academy and to our pupils’ education. There is a real warmth and friendliness among the staff that you will experience for yourself when visiting the academy.

Education in its widest sense is about far more than academic subjects and examinations: it is about becoming a person. A great teacher can change a child’s future. The Vale Academy is full of staff like that and is a caring and inclusive school with a strong pupil support system. 

We want pupils to be safe, to be happy, and to be successful and we will do our best to ensure that this happens.


Headteacher: Mrs. Rebekah Howe